Hey hey, I'm glad you're able to join me in my little corner of the internet..🌍

I'm Raymond, a Vancouver-based designer that unifies Experience, Graphics and Branding.

Currently working in Product at Raccoopack Media 🦝

Case Study

Parallel - Angled Collaboration

Building better collaborative communities through focused mutual accountability and balanced expectations.

Ever thought of wanting to start freelancing but don't know where to start? Always confused as to what questions to ask your clients or even knowing how much to charge?

Parallel has got the answers here for you.

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Shopy Banner
24 Hour industry Hackathon

Shopy - Shopify x BrainStation

Leveraging Shopify's existing ecosystem to expand their product to the artist demographic.

An exhilarating 24 hour hackathon experience combining the efforts of UX, Data Science and Web Development all in one neat package.

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DeTangle cover photo
Web3 DESIGNathon

DeTangle - Web3 for All

How can we design for something which we know so little about? 

In this designathon, we take a look at how we can make Web3 more accessible for the average user. A new age of the web is upon us and we all deserve to be a part of this new experience within a safe and accessible environment.

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