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Jambo! 👏

Welcome welcome~ ! 

I’m a Kenyan-born designer based now in Vancouver, Canada. I have been practicing design professionally for about 5 years and unprofessionally my whole life ever since I decided to make my own comic books (and trading cards)  when I was a teenager. I am passionate about communicating through design and empowering young creatives to do the same. I also have a deep interest in visual storytelling and with my skillset in illustration, graphics and experience design, I aim to expand my influence within the design industry and beyond.

After graduating from university with a degree in architecture, I realized what I was missing post-graduation was a robust support system to surround myself with. To prevent that, one of my lifetime goals is to build a community of creatives and contributors alike who can support each other with collaboration and mentorship as we make design and technology more accessible to the world. 

I think the world can always become a happier place when we can all communicate better :) 

I'm passionate about learning and teaching new skills all the time. I am a firm believer that the more you can do for yourself and for others, the more value you find in life.

Aside from that, I like to draw fanart and cook new meals in my free time. When I'm not working, I’m most likely learning a new language, working out in the gym or playing difficult games! (Elden Ring is kicking my butt right now) 

I'm always up for a chat on any topics regarding product, education and collaboration! - Reach out to me anytime! 


  • Outstanding International Student Award - UBC
    Acquired the Outstanding International Student award and scholarship during entrance into UBC.
  • Best Resolution Award - EAMUN
    Obtained Best Resolution award for representing PLO during the East African Model United Nations Conference.
  • Best Delegation Award - EAMUN
    Rewarded Best Delegation award for representing Japan in Aga Khan Academy’s Internal Conference.


Marvel POP App
Adobe Creative Suite
Rhino 3D
MS Office
Paint tool SAI
UX Check
Material Design
Google Analytics